Buy Bonus – Buy Free Spins: How it’s done

What exactly are Bonus Buy Slots? You should know that many new video slots come with built-in free spins. Normally, you need to have a certain number of scatter symbols on the reels to switch to free spin mode. The gaming until then can be a bit tiring. In my experience, you need an average of between 300 and 500 spins to trigger the special function.

This is exactly where the Bonus Buy Casino feature comes in. How? It’s very simple. You buy the bonus games. For an amount X, you are guaranteed to have the required number of scatters on the reels during the next spin. The game then continues in free spins mode.

The integrated free spins of the slot machines


The free spins on the slots are always desirable. The bonus rounds are much more attractive and profitable compared to the main game. Those who catch a winning phase in the free spin mode can often look forward to real fireworks on their casino account.

The reason is obvious. During the free spins on the slot, there are usually additional winning opportunities, such as expanded and new wild symbols, multipliers or double payline evaluations. All these things together make for a special attraction.

You should know that the free spins are always played in autoplay mode. If the free spins start, you can no longer make any changes to the game settings. You spin the spins with the stake from the previous main game and on the identical number of lines.

Bonus Buy: The cost and the return

The idea is obvious. You use the Bonus Buy Casino feature and win. The fact is, this is only true to a limited extent. You will indeed get high payouts on your spins during the free spins, but there is a but.

First you have to buy the feature, that is – invest an amount of your own money. According to my experience, you usually have to make 100 times your spin amount loose. If you have played with one dollar, for example, you will need to invest 100 dollars to switch to free spin mode.

The providers have of course calculated the costs and benefits at this point. For you, this means that there is no guarantee that free spin winnings will ultimately exceed the purchase price. Theoretically, you can also end up in the red.

The plus points of the Bonus Buy Slots

Nevertheless, I see several advantages to Bonus Buy Slots. For me, there are six points in favour of the slots and bonus buy.

  • Free spin mode with the next spin: You bypass any waiting time. The scatters will land on the reels. The tedious waiting for the free spins comes to an end.
  • All additional functions are activated: All special functions of the free spins are activated, be it multipliers or additional wilds – to name two examples. The features of the free spin modes vary from slot to slot.
  • Higher RTP and low variance: Very often, the payout ratio shifts upwards during the free spins. Your mathematical chance of winning increases. Most of the time, the number of winning spins is also higher. The low volatility ensures more permanent returns.
  • Free spins are often extendable: On some slots you can win new free spins during the free spins. If exactly this happens, the bonus purchase has more than paid off. For example, you bought 25 free spins, but you end up with 50 free spins.
  • One-time investment and no further costs: You have a fixed, clear investment. When you buy, the Bonus Buy amount is deducted from your account. During the free spins, the spins are then no longer charged individually.

Automatic gaming to enjoy: The free spins run in autoplay mode, so you can sit back, relax and just enjoy the fun on the reels.

The cow’s foot – bonus purchase is no guarantee of a win

Bonus Buys Online Casinos 2022

Let’s get back to the little cow foot when buying bonuses. You have no guarantee, as described, that you will end up in the plus with the Bonus Buy feature.

Bonus Buy Feature and Casino Bonus Free Spins: The facts

Can the feature be used to release a casino bonus elegantly and stress-free? As you surely know, every bonus has to be played through a few times before it can be cashed out. Each spin contributes to the achievement of the turnover progress.

If you switch the slot itself to free spins, you will no longer work on the rollover with every spin. Only the bonus purchase price is included. The feature can have a positive effect on fulfilling the rollover conditions, but it does not have to. In the end, the decisive factor is how much money you get out of the free spins phase.