Autoplay and the new State Treaty on Gambling

Slot fans in online casinos have become accustomed to the automatic game mode. Just let them spin a few spins automatically – until now, the various online casinos have relied heavily on the advantage of autoplay. In the meantime, the situation looks completely different. Due to the new gambling law that applies from summer 2021, developers and casinos have to make some changes to offers.

Among other things, the automatic game round of the machines is affected. What else can casino fans expect as a result of the changes?

  • Central blocking file: As soon as new customers want to register at an online casino and go through the registration process, they become a “glass” player. Online casinos that are keen on obtaining a licence will report players further – for example, if they set up a self-block. The central file is intended to prevent players from registering elsewhere after the first few days.
  • Deposit limit: Many players take their first steps with small sums. A few dollars are deposited at first. Later, the sums become higher. High rollers quickly reach several hundred dollars per game. In the future, it will take a long time to build up such credit. A limit of $ 1,000 per month applies.
  • Stake limit: On the “scratch list” for the new gambling law are also the stakes. Those who play slots in online casinos could set the stakes for individual rounds within generous limits for a long time. In future, these will be capped at $1 or less.
  • Spins will last at least 30 seconds: This also eliminates the Quickspin, which lasts only seconds. Only after the 30 seconds have elapsed can the slot be spun again. Some casino fans will not think much of this.
  • Only slots: Those who used to play live table and card games in the online casino, such as in one of the test winners of our comparison, will have to change. Playing live casino games in particular will become more difficult. The new regulations provide for changes here – which also affects the bonus.

Other aspects speak for online alternatives

slot machines

Many players and casinos with autoplay function are not particularly happy with the new regulations. Understandable – after all, this function is now off the table for playing spin games. Are there other reasons to look for alternatives for the gameplay in slot machines. Would you like to learn more about online slots without restrictions? Then feel free to follow the link!

Slots with Quickspins

Alternatives to casinos that do not allow autoplay have a huge advantage: In seconds, slots can be set to spin on their own – so-called online slots with quickspins. This makes the game faster compared to the manually drawn spin. A principle that applies to real money play and bonus play. Just find out the difference for yourself. At least some slots, such as Thunderstruck 2 or the Jack Hammer slot machine, will offer a demo. In addition, slots with autoplay often also offer a quickspin function. This means that the reels spin faster and come to a stop after seconds. Rounds at the slots therefore do not take as long as in the classic slot game.

No monthly limits for deposits

One disadvantage is the deposit limits imposed by law. Something similar does not exist in casinos with spins played via the autoplay function. 1,000$ seems high at first. High rollers in particular will quickly realise that this limit is simply too low above a certain balance level. Even if control is certainly reasonable – for many players, the deposit limits for playing the free spins are simply too little. We therefore recommend online casinos without deposit limits to avoid the maximum limit.

More than just slot machines

the chance of winning

With the restrictions of the new regulations, it is to be expected for the time being that not only games with autoplay function will disappear. Table and card games such as live blackjack or roulette will probably also be affected in the short term. The situation is different in online casinos with autoplay. Here, there is still the possibility not only to click through slot games, but also to play roulette. Especially casino fans who want to play live casino will find this an alternative. The number of these providers is still high. Here, the various game developers are on board, so that, for example, you still have access to all previous titles without any problems in a Push Gaming Casino.