Aside from the opinion of the crowd, there are those big-money bets that are made by professionals after careful and meticulous analysis. The pros are also able to influence the BK’s line, especially on non-top events, the so-called small markets. There is less money involved, so you can quickly see the difference when placing a bet on a large amount of money. Professionals themselves call this sort of thing “smart” or “sharp” money, which likes to be quiet. This reinforces the fact that box-office matches are not used, with a preference for less popular duels.

For example, a football match between a team playing predominantly attacking against a club with an excellent defence, the opinions of the crowd and the pros diverge. The game is important in terms of standings and therefore the smart money will go to the better defence. The crowd likes to see a spectacular match, therefore even a less strong team, but showing interesting football, gathers more supporters than a great powerhouse that plays dry and boring. Of course for betting it doesn’t matter how many feints or perfect passes are made. The main thing is the result and technique only matters in terms of achievement. When a player feints and scores a goal after a perfect pass, then you can agree on the importance of the moment.

The important point is that the smart money most often goes to the favourite. If an undervalued or incorrectly priced pre-match pick is found, the walleye should of course make excellent profits. For example, bookmakers often give average odds for the opening games of any sport, regardless of the country of the championship. Therefore, even for Real Madrid v Leganes you might find the wagering odds, because you cannot rely on the results as they are not yet available. Friendly matches are rarely taken into account.

In any case, in order to make a bet with a high probability of going in, it is worth scrupulously analysing all the important points. That’s what “smart” money is called, because it doesn’t depend on gambling or a direct relation to teams or athletes.



Most predictions are made according to the usual scheme – the opinion of experts, analysts + your own interest. “Smart money” does not work like that and the bettor can bet even against a team he has been rooting for since childhood. There are cases where the crowd has a similar opinion to the pros, and there are quite a few of them. But usually the two disparate concepts remain separate.

It is understandable that in a match between a top club, a popular and universally loved one, the betting would be on him alone. But that’s not really the case. There is no such thing as a team that never loses, so a good amount of money can be lost at the same time by using different strategies.

A comparative characteristic of the two directions

The smart money direction


  • Allows to earn good money if one has time to bet on high odds;
  • Have a high probability of entry;
  • Rarely cause overloads and increased attention from the BK.


  • Needs meticulous analysis of events;
  • It takes a lot of time to select a bet;
  • The odds are not always high, unless it is a wag.

The “Opinion of the Crowd” trend

Smart Money strategy


  • The betting amounts are usually small, and the chances of earning are excellent;
  • The odds chosen are different, most often high;
  • The crowd often includes pros and high rollers, so the probability of winning increases.


  • Often betting is based on emotion or on spectacular teams;
  • There is room for adventure and risk.
  • More money on a particular bet is a non-guaranteed win.

There is no one particular universal way to consistently win with “behind the crowd” tactics or thanks to “smart money”. It is simple enough – you have to think for yourself and analyze all the moments, news, results and events to make predictions with high probability of winning. Or look at the trends of the crowd and follow the general consensus. There are still those who would rather bet on different forums than think for themselves. You can’t forbid it, because there are some really good series from betting pros.