Crowd betting has plenty of benefits, according to many experts. However, in this case, it only pays to carry out a vector-based, multi-dimensional analysis of the different opinions, which will produce the ideal result. It is understandable that for a second league match of not the most popular championship, no one would delve into the analytics and choose, as if by scientific staff, whether P1 or TB2.5.

According to a number of studies, the key factors of betting behind the crowd’s money stream give the following advantages.

Available variety

Betting tricks

Certainly, a crowd of fans of one club can give a lot of options for betting on a match, compared to an individual fan. Diversity is a great option to choose from, but the entry percentage goes down with every single opinion. All the more, the prediction of fans of different clubs, the so-called “all-rounders” or globetrotters, is less appreciated.


There are often conflicts due to the fact that the opinion of the groups differs. However, this is only good for betting, because truth is born in a dispute. If you stupidly shout at each other to disagree with a prediction, or bet backwards, it won’t do any good. But if you discuss it together, the smartest bet can be made.

The bigger the crowd, the better!


Naturally, the odds will be correspondingly low under such a principle, but the probability of winning is the highest and it is worth admitting. Swiss scientists say that prediction accuracy goes up with the number of bettors, but goes down when the number of bettors is outnumbered.

Whoever gathers ideas for innovative solutions should take into account development of a special computing machine, or at least an algorithm, which would allow making perfect forecasts. This is of course mostly sarcasm, because no software can predict the mood of superstars and take into account stresses, problems and so on. Some athletes hide injuries to take part in the crucial game. Such factors are numerous and it is hardly possible to keep track of everything.

To place a bet on the crowd’s advantage, it’s possible to simply consider and work out a good online poll or test. That way it’s easy to see what the bettors’ opinions are, calculate the results and take them into account. The important thing to remember is that even the smartest, wisest and most experienced crowd can be wrong, and any sport is as unpredictable as it ever was.


To bet against or for the crowd, to choose smart money is a purely individual decision and all options considered have their advantages with disadvantages. There is no universal advice about it, and basically it all comes down to finding valuables bets with a qualitative evaluation of cash flows. This kind of decision is a kind of tool for selecting promising events to be used for prediction. This kind of betting is considered attractive, but often comes down to the fact that you can hardly do without individual betting analysis anyway. So it is up to you and only you.